Learn and travel

Come along with us and discover Germany and its people up close and personal. Our Language Trips take you to unique journeys through Germany’s most notable cities, cultural landmarks and natural wonders. Whether we’re visiting a medieval castle, going to the theatre or enjoying an art exhibition, our friendly and open-minded teachers guide you step by step, turning every Language Trip into an educational, yet fun experience.

Frequently asked questions

Who organises these trips?

Language Trips are intensive learning activities organised by our top German teachers. They prepare the schedule and the learning materials, and guide you throughout the entire trip.

Who can participate?

Language Trips are a premium service offered exclusively to our students. Since this is a learning activity, any companion travelling with you will not be able to join.

How can I join?

Simply go to the dedicated trip page and register before the specified deadline. Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail.

How much does it cost?

Attending to Language Trips is free of charge for our students. However, you will have to cover your travel expenses, meals and the occasional entrance fees.