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German excellence, just a click away

We have the conviction, courage and creativity to raise the standards of German language learning like never before. Our online institute is a unique fusion of language learning, career development and cultural awareness strategies, specially designed to work together for one single purpose – to lead you to your goals in a simple, fast, yet sustainable way.

Our values

When teaching German, we constantly invent, improve and innovate. This is why you will have with us the most enjoyable and efficient language learning experience ever – because we design education unlike any other:

Pleasant and exciting

We offer a pleasant German learning experience in a motivating and inspiring environment.

Personal assistance

Our teachers ensure professional and supportive care to each individual student.

Career development

We help our students improve their workplace soft skills any German employer is looking for.

Easy and effective

Our students enjoy simple yet efficient German courses designed to deliver sustainable results.

First class teachers

We work exclusively with top qualified teachers, who are passionate, friendly, open-minded and enthusiastic about teaching.

Culture and lifestyle

Our courses are designed to expand cultural awareness and offer insights into German mentality and lifestyle.

Our team

These are some of the people behind our institute. If you want to join us, check out our job openings.

  • Sebastian SabasanSebastian SabasanHead Teacher
  • Elisa EichlerElisa EichlerGerman teacher
  • Mihail NeaguMihail NeaguWebmaster
  • Alexandra HeppAlexandra HeppGerman teacher

Online Courses

Take a seat in our virtual classroom and start your live German lesson with only a mouse click.

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Language Trips

Discover Germany first-hand and give your German
a powerful boost on the go.

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